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Στατιστικές αναφορές & δεδομένα

American Cancer Society Cancer Facts & Figures
Annual Report 2008, US                      
Atlas of US Mortality selected causes of death
Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Europe 2004
Cancer Trends Progress Report-2007 Update
Cancer Query System: Cancer Prevalence Database  
CaMon Europe 
CDC US Cancer Statistics
Complete Prevalence  
ENCR Cancer Fact Sheets- Europe 
EUCAN Europe
IARC TP53 Mutation Database
IARC Cancer Survival in Europe

Facts and Figures on Cancer in the EU 1993  
NCI Cancer Mortality, Maps and Graphs
SEER    Fast Stats
SEER Cancer Statistics Review 1975-2005
SEER Cancer Stat Fact Sheets
SEER Annual Report 1975-2005 Featuring Lung Cancer and Tobacco
Survival of Cancer Patients in Europe-EUROCARE
US Cancer Statistics 1999-2005: Incidence and Mortality

WHO: Data and Statistics
WHO Cancer Country Profile

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