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Μηχανές αναζήτησης βιβλιογραφίας

Amedeo The Medical Literature Guide http://www.amedeo.com/

Cancer Chromosomes   

dbGaP Database of Genotypes and Phenotypes

EMBASE Medical Abstracts Database

Entrez Genome Genetics condition and genes or chromosomes responsible

Entrez Genome Project

Gateway National Library of Medicine, search in multiple databases of NIH

GEO Gene Expression Omnibus Profiles

ChemIDplus Lite Chemical Structures Database

HSTAT-Health Services/Technology Assessment Text  A free Web-based resource of full-text documents

Ingenta     The Home of Scholarly research

Infomine Scholarly Internet Resources

InfoTrieve Article Finder

NCBI National Center for Biotechnology Information

NLM Databases & Electronic Resources

PubMed National Library of Medicine

TOXNET-Toxicology Data Network       Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System

3D Domain Molecular Modeling DataBase

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